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Barriers VS Isolators in EX Protection

Author: Finn & Conway, Inc. | Date Submitted: Saturday, 06/20/2020


The difference between




Compact, robust safety barriers for any application Safety barriers connect intrinsically safe and non-intrinsically safe circuits, such as Ex i field devices with automation systems. Whether it's for standard signals such as 4 to 20 mA or for less common signals, you can trust us to find you the right solution.


Barrier Products

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ISpac isolators: Easy to connect, user-friendly These isolators provide galvanic separation when they integrate field devices in process systems into automation systems. R. STAHL's ISpac isolator range is easy to use and boasts an impressive range of functions and a long service life.


Isolator Products

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A leading supplier of products, systems and services for explosion protection, R. STAHL offers several decades of experience. Wherever there are explosive gas-air mixtures or dusts, our products prevent explosions. With the highest degree of reliability and quality we ensure the safety of persons, the environment and technology. As a traditional company with more than 80 years'​ experience in explosion protection, R. STAHL covers all ignition protection classes for the explosion protection of electrical equipment or systems. We are always in a position to design and implement the optimum solution. Our broad product range allows explosion protection ranging from a connection box to a fieldbus system. International certifications, approvals and patents underline our competence and allow our products and systems to be used worldwide.




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