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Author: Finn & Conway, Inc. | Date Submitted: Sunday, 02/14/2021



R. Stahl customers trust us because we always believe in offering customized automation solutions designed for their specific needs. Watch this video to know how we created an integrated Remote I/O with modern user interface for an LNG Carrier with global ship certification.






The best remote I/O system for hazardous areas The IS1+ system sets the gold standard for hazardous areas. Without complex Ex d or Ex p enclosures, modifications and expansion are possible during operation even in Zone 1. The versatile functions and applications make remote I / O solutions suitable for almost all applications in the process industry. The IS1+ system is the world's number one remote I/O system used in Zones 1 and 2 and Divisions 1 and 2 thanks to its international certification for explosion protection and shipping.


The IS1+ remote I/O system is the state-of-the-art, cost-saving interface solution and can be installed in any hazardous area in accordance with IEC, NEC and CEC. Supported by PROFIBUS DP, Modbus RTU and TCP, EtherNet/IP and PROFINET and thanks to HART transparency, the IS1+ system is compatible with virtually any automation system.

With the IS1+ remote I/O system, new multi-functional modules are available with analogue and digital inputs/outputs and for any temperature sensor. The innovative low-power design for temperatures of -40 to +75 °C make the system last significantly longer, with a service life of around 15 years. Comprehensive diagnostics provide early warnings of impending system failures, enabling high system availability. The IS1+ system is fully backwards compatible, making it easier to upgrade existing installations.
Includes three-year warranty.

  • Supported by various protocols from PROFIBUS DP to Ethernet for easy connection to any automation system
  • All modules can be plugged in in hazardous areas for easy expansion or modification
  • Extremely robust system design for use in even the harshest of environments


Introduction on Remote I/O system IS1+



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