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Liquid Level Solutions by MTS Sensors

Author: Finn & Conway, Inc. | Date Submitted: Thursday, 02/18/2021



Liquid Level Applications

The Level Plus® liquid level transmitters feature up to 5-in-1 measurement of level, interface, volume, HI level switch, and temperatures of a vessel from one opening. The Temposonics® technology provides wear-free, continuous level measurement that does not require maintenance or recalibration. The absolute level is detected directly with one or more floats, which operate reliably even in harsh applications.




Bioreactors and blending tanks in the pharmaceutical industry typically demand accuracy and the ability to meet CIP, SIP, and washdown procedures. Level Plus® transmitters are available with 316 (1.4404) stainless steel pipes and housings. The chemical compatibility of stainless steel allows the transmitter to be washed with caustic chemicals without compromising performance or longevity.


Pharmaceutical applications require a high level of accuracy and a sanitary package. Level Plus® liquid level transmitters are able to provide both qualifications and have been doing so for the pharmaceutical industry for over 25 years.



Level Plus® liquid level transmitters offer unsurpassed performance in LPG bullet tanks due to their ability to measure the product level and temperature level from one process opening.



Beer enthusiasts enjoy a nice head of foam on top of their favorite pint. However, very few level measurement technologies are capable of detecting a liquid level under a layer of foam. Magnetostrictive level technology is one of the technologies that can measure through foam and is also approved for use in sanitary applications.



One main benefit of magnetostrictive technology is its ability to function in harsh environments including steam, foam, vapors, mixing, and changes in dielectric constant.

The RefineME® level transmitter is able to function through changing environmental conditions while providing a steady and accurate output. The RefineME® level transmitter also offers HART for programming and calibration.



Everyone wants accurate inventory monitoring in order to know how much of a liquid is being produced or consumed. The need for distilleries is increased due to taxes. Distilleries are taxed on how much alcohol they produce and the more accurate the inventory level the less distilleries overpay in taxes.



Level Plus® liquid level transmitters offer 4-in-1 measurement of the product level, interface level, temperature, and volume in an aboveground storage tank through one process opening. Combining the measurement of four process variables from one instrument reduces cost and allow for installation without tank modifications.

The Tank SLAYER® level transmitter is designed to offer the 4-in-1 measurement as well as determine the volume in the tank from a 200 point strap table that is entered by the user. The addition of simple calibration and no scheduled maintenance or recalibration allow for Tank SLAYER® to have a lower installed costs and lifetime costs than alternative technologies such as radar and servo gauges.

Recently MTS gave a webinar, Set It and Forget It: Automatic Tank Gauging, as part of a series of webinars hosted by our sister company The Modal Shop. The recorded webinar can be viewed here and shared with customers as an overview on automatic tank gauging and MTS. You can view below on demand.




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