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Our speed lets you focus on what matters most.

Alicat’s role is to accelerate the evolution of scientific discoveries and new technologies. Our speed gives you the freedom to focus on doing what really matters to you, whether that is doubling your production capacity, conducting flow audits in half the time or discovering something brand new before your competitor does.


Speed means more responsive readings and more stable flow control.

Pressure spikes can ruin your day. A responsive flow controller from Alicat can save it. Lightning-fast valve control algorithms ensure that your setpoint stays on target, and 5-10 ms flow response ensures that your data is robust.


Speed means talking to a knowledgeable applications engineer in three rings.

When you need advice, our helpful applications engineers cannot be beat. We will work with you to determine how best to solve your application need, and many times we can reduce the number of instruments you’ll need to purchase.


Speed means receiving highly customized instruments in just a few weeks.

You don’t need to purchase large quantities to get a highly customized instrument. We build every instrument to order, so we’re used to tailoring our flow and pressure instruments to your specific application needs.


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